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Occupational Therapy Services


Guardian Angel Home Health Agency is a premier leading, JCAHO Accredited provider of home health services in the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Our focus on individualized patient care and clinical outcomes are unparalleled. Guardian Angel’s goal is to provide safe, appropriate, and high-quality services to each patient.


An experienced team of professionals works together to provide superior care to each patient.

OT services provided for home health patients & caregivers:

Pt/CG instruction, education, and training for:

  1. Activities of daily living (ADLs):
    – UB/LB dressing, fasteners mgmt, self-feeding, functional mobility (transfers & transporting objects), personal hygiene and grooming, toileting, bathing/showering skills.
  2. Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs):
    – Communication device use (using writing equipment, telephones), health management & maintenance (developing wellness & fitness programs, decreasing health risk behaviors), home management (light housekeeping, laundry), meal preparation & clean-up.
  3. Motor skills (skills in moving and interacting with functional tasks, objects, environment):
    – Positioning, gross & fine coordination, muscle tone & reflex patterns, B/UE/hand/UB strength & A/PROM, ac-ty endurance.
  4. Process skills (management & action modification for the completion of daily life tasks):
    – Initiation, continuation, sequencing of ac-ty;
    – Space & objects organization;
    – Adaptation to ac-ty demands in the home environment.
  5. Communication skills (skills for conveying intentions and needs as well as coordinating social behaviors with people):
    – Kinesthetic communication (using the physical body for communication);
    – Skills for verbal & written communication.

Specific tx techniques: neurodevelopment tx (NDT), proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), sensorimotor stimulation, sensory integration, cognitive-perceptual training, UE/UB pain management (passive stretching, manual muscle therapy, joint mobilization, visualization, deep breathing), endurance training (breathing control, energy conservation, work simplification, joint protection & pacing techniques for ADLs & IADLs), home safety ed-n, burn rehabilitation, joint replacement & after surgery rehabilitation, home modification ed-n, compensation techniques for ADLs & IADLs (low vision, one-hand techniques), orthotics/splinting, edema & scar management, BP monitoring.