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Home Health Trends Of California

California often grabs media attention for setting the latest health trend.  Thousands flock to visit and live in California, and who wouldn’t want to fill their life with sun-kissed beaches, healthy cafes, stunning landscapes, smog checked air, excellent health regulation and smoke-free workplaces.  Yes, please! Californian health trends, laws and regulations are often the envy of many American states. Most American states, in fact, many areas worldwide follow suit. It is fair to say that Californian’s are forward thinkers, especially in the health sector.  

In most parts of America, including California, you will find hospitals, nursing homes healthcare and professional home health service options.  This smorgasbord of health services gives us all some well-deserved reassurance that we will be in safe hands if we should ever require some professional health care.

Home Health Agencies

Home health agencies are a growing trend in California.  Home health agencies offer professional home health services, not home care.  Home care is still popular for caring for our ageing population.  Home care is beneficial for the elderly who require caring for, such as help with their activities of daily living, or for some friendly companionship.  As crucial as home care is, it is sometimes considered as unskilled and non-clinical services.

Home health, on the other hand, is a clinical medical care provided by a registered nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist or other skilled medical professionals.  Often prescribed as part of a healthcare plan following hospitalization or rehabilitation.  This type of professional home health care is growing in popularity, primarily due to the considerably lower price tag associated with receiving professional health care in the comfort of your home instead of a hospital.  

Professional Home Health Services

Home health agencies who coordinate all these professional home health services together for your convenience are booming.  They are a fast-growing trend in the medical industry. Home health is an increasingly competitive area. Before Medicare brought in a five-star rating system to ensure quality measures, this area was slightly fragmented.  Both government and patients are behind this surge of popularity as it is the most cost-effective way to receive professional health services.  Medicare’s star rating is putting some home health agencies out of business due to earning a low star rating.  Medicare’s top rating is five stars. Most home health agencies perform well across America, with most agencies falling within the 3 or 3.5-star bracket.  Four star is considered favorably when choosing an agency.  Privacy, convenience, coordination, lower cost, professionalism, comfort and star rating are some of the reasons home health agencies are trending and competing.

Home Health

The home health market grew considerably during 2016 – 2017.  Thousands of Medicare beneficiaries utilized the professional services of home health.   Interestingly, South California may have the largest Medicare population in the nation and also the most significant number of physicians to treat them.

Home health, both traditional health care and more professionally defined home health care are projected to grow.  Modern technology advancements of mobile payment options, expanding delivery modes and active wifi connections, to name a few, there is no limit to home health.  Like California, most states have access to new funding and flexibility to extend their home health services. Medicare is continually applying payment and ratings to improve patients outcome, and home health is an exciting area of the health sector to watch.